Vokey SM6 Wedges

Progressive CG

Precise Distance Gaps and Superior Feel

SM6 Centre of Gravity (CG) is progressive through the wedge set. Aligning CG with the impact position of each loft allows for precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel.

Lower CG

Lowering the CG in the Spin Milled 6 pitching and gap wedges moves more mass behind the ball at impact. This produces faster ball speeds for more consistent distance gapping between irons and wedges.

Mid CG

Spin Milled 6 sand wedges feature a mid level centre of gravity, aligned precisely between the low loft and high loft wedges for consistent distance gapping and shot control.

Higher CG

With higher lofted wedges, the golf ball rolls up the face more at impact. Raising the centre of gravity in the Spin Milled 6 lob wedges aligns the CG with the impact position producing more consistent distance and trajectory control.

Interested in SM6?

New Spin Milled 6 wedges establish a new performance standard by improving in the three key areas of wedge play: precise distance gapping, shot versatility and maximum spin.

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