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At Titleist, we focus on making sure that every product in your bag is the ideal to fit your game. It’s about learning which shots you need and finding the right products to produce results and shoot lower scores.

Club Fitting
Club Fitting



If you haven’t been fit, you aren’t playing your best golf. It’s that simple.

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It’s a fact. Playing a properly fit golf ball will help you shoot lower scores.

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Titleist Performance Centre
Titleist Performance Centre

Titleist Performance Institute

Experience professional golf performance evaluation combined with the ultimate Tour level golf club fitting experience at our prestigious Woburn based facility.

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Local Fitting Events
Local Fitting Events

Local Fitting Events

Titleist Local Fitting Events provide dedicated golfers with a truly unique club fitting experience at local venues across Europe.

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Highly accessible locations with skilled fitters and advanced tools to help golfers optimise club performance and fine-tune set composition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get fit to determine the best golf ball for my game?

Absolutely! At Titleist, we have found that the golf ball is the most overlooked piece of equipment in an amateur golfer’s bag. Because you use the golf ball on every shot, it's crucial to play the ball that best fits your game. In the Titleist fitting approach, our first step is always to examine the golf ball and determine which model will help a player to shoot his or her lowest scores possible. Next in the list of importance are the scoring clubs. We'll look at the wedges and hybrids/irons and dial those in so that your good swings result in more greens hit and more opportunities to make pars and birdies. Lastly, we'll look at the driver and fairway metals, using SureFit® hosel technology to optimize your launch conditions and ball flight for the golf ball model that you play. 

What do I need to bring to my fitting?

Bring your full set of current clubs and try to arrive a few minutes early to allow yourself enough time to warm up before your appointment. Whether you're getting fit for metals, irons, wedges, or every club in your bag, it's helpful for your fitter to see what you're currently playing. You'll also be asked to hit your current clubs so your fitter can establish some baseline data to work from. 

How long will the fitting last?

Generally speaking, a fitting will take about 30-60 minutes per club category. A full fitting that examines every club in your bag will take about 2-3 hours to complete. You will be hitting many shots, so pace yourself, especially if you're going through a full-set fitting. Take frequent breaks when you need to and drink lots of water. 

How will the fitter determine which golf clubs are best for my game?

Your fitting will begin with a discussion to provide your fitter with information about your game, your current golf ball and clubs, and what you are looking for in terms of performance. You will then hit a series of shots in front of a launch monitor to capture baseline data of your current performance. Your fitter will look at your launch conditions – launch angle, spin rate, land angle, etc. – and will use that information and the feedback you provide to start trying some different clubhead and shaft combinations. From there, your fitter will work towards optimising your ball flight, testing a multitude of club variations until you find the combination of club head, shaft, weight, lie and length that produces the highest shot quality and greatest consistency for your swing. 

Does Titleist fit women and junior golfers for equipment?

The golf ball doesn’t know who’s hitting it, nor does the golf club know who’s swinging it. That’s why at Titleist, our focus has always been on designing and developing the best performing golf equipment for dedicated golfers of all skill levels. Throughout the bag, we have a wide range of custom options. Working with an authorised Titleist fitter will help you find the right clubs for your game. 

Should I get fit for everything at once or address one club category at a time?

This decision is entirely yours. You can address your whole bag at once or focus on individual club categories as the time comes to replace or upgrade your current equipment. In either case, your fitter will make sure to address distance gapping, ensuring that you have even spacing between your clubs and that you have a club to cover every yardage on the course. 

Can I get fit indoors?

Though not ideal, an indoor fitting can be effective, provided the fitter uses a launch monitor to track your shots and inform club adjustments. We feel the best way to get fit for clubs is outdoors, where the ball flight can be observed and tracked with launch monitor data. For you as a player, it's important to see the trajectory and shot shapes that you create, so that you can help your fitter make club adjustments that will produce the launch and ball flight that fits your eye and suits your game. We also strongly suggest hitting off real turf. The way the club interacts with the turf is a crucial consideration in club fitting - for fairway metals and hybrids, as well as your irons and wedges.  

Should I wait until I get my handicap down before I get fit?

Waiting only delays your improvement. You will lower your handicap much faster once you start playing with equipment that fits your game. It's important to understand that club fitting will benefit all golfers, regardless of age, gender, or skill level. The only requirements are that you care about your game and want to play better. 

What if I'm currently taking golf lessons? Will my fitter recommend equipment that fits the swing I have now or the swing I'm working towards with my instructor?

If you are going through a swing change, you should first have a conversation with your instructor, who may have some suggestions that you can communicate to your fitter. The more information you can share with your fitter, the better. And if there's a particular motion that you're trying to build into your swing, your fitter will be able to show you the implications that different club specs will have and make recommendations for clubs that will help as you transition into your new swing changes. 

Where can I get fit and what options are available?  

We offer a range of fitting experiences, each delivering expert advice and equipment recommendations. To learn more about Titleist fitting experiences and find a location near you, visit the Golf Club Fitting page