76 straight years and still counting.

In a game where consistency and preciseness of shot are rewarded, the Titleist founders focused their efforts on product quality. To achieve this, they established the “Process”.  It was a game changer. To validate Titleist superior performance and quality excellence, the Acushnet Golf Ball Demonstration Machine began touring the country.

Word spread and by 1945, the attention was turned to professional golf tournaments and Titleist golf balls quickly began earning the trust of more and more tour players.

In 1949, Titleist solidified its position as the #1 ball in golf by winning the ball count for the first time at the U.S. Open at Medinah Country Club. This was the start of what would become the longest running record of golf equipment superiority.

Golf Ball Dozens


When Every Shot Counts

In a new Titleist original, Wyndham Clark relives the most crucial saves from his US Open victory, for the first time ever.

You owe it to yourself to find out which Titleist golf ball best fits your game.